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Technology and Social Media

To preserve the social and recreational aspects of the Club, the discrete use of hand held electronic devices is permissible throughout the clubhouse and on the golf course, so long as they are used in silent mode.  The use of electronic devices can not impact pace of play.  Audible messages are restricted to the parking lot, adjacent sidewalks, and outside patio.  A staff member is happy to direct you to a private location for any necessary phone calls.  

Photographs may be taken on electronic devices in the clubhouse and on Club grounds as long as it is not disturbing to other Members and guests.

Dissemination through social media of photographs or videos identifying Robert Trent Jones Golf Club is not permitted.  Any written references to Robert Trent Jones Golf Club, its Members, activities, and practices on social media or other media platforms is prohibited.  Compliance with this policy is essential to the enjoyment and privacy of the membership.